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Halfords Essentials Group 0+1 Baby Car Seat

Halfords Essentials Group 0+1 Baby Car SeatView more

Halfords Group 1/2/3 Isofix Child Car Seat

Halfords Group 123 Isofix Child Car Seat with Top TetherView more

Halfords Group 1 Isofix Toddler Car Seat

Halfords Group 1 ISOFIX Toddler Car SeatView more

Halfords i-Size Revolve Car Seat

Halfords Group 0/1 iSize Revolve Baby Car SeatView more

Chicco Seat 4 Fix Car Seat

The Chicco Seat4Fix Car Seat is truly the all in one car seat that is safe and comfortable for your child from their first days right up to 36kgView more