Britax Eclipse car seat

Britax Eclipse
The Eclipse car seat from Britax is an affordable option that is suitable for children in the nine months to four years of age category. This means it’s a Group 1 seat that can support children weighing between 9 and 18 kg.
What sets the Britax Eclipse apart from other car seats in this age range is its slim base and width of only 43 cm. This makes it suitable for smaller cars, such as three door hatchbacks. It can also be fitted using the standard three point seatbelt option, or using a two point lap belt, which is a less common method of attachment for car seats, but one that is well suited to smaller vehicles.
Despite its slim base and width, the Britax Eclipse is still able to provide high levels of safety thanks to its side impact protection system which includes deep, softly padded wings. There is also a reclining system in place which can be used when your child is already asleep without fear of waking them, thanks to its smooth operation.
For keeping your child in position, there is a five point harness that can be easily adjusted with one pull. The harness also comes complete with pads to prevent the straps from rubbing on your child’s neck. The harness can be held in place thanks to the harness retainers that make it easy to get your little passengers in and out of the seat without having to mess around with the straps.
If you’ve got a smaller car or limited space in the back, then the affordable and slim Britax Eclipse is the perfect choice.

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