The Casualplay Multi Protector car seat  is well designed for easy use and full safety for your child for many years of your little ones childhood.  Although it is not suitable for newborn children, you will still get loads of use out of your Multi Protector as it is suitable from when your child is just nine months old right through to eleven years old! It can be used as a full car seat for children up to four years (maximum of 18kg) and then converts into a full-backed booster seat for older children. All children up to 12 years or 135cm are required by law to use a booster seat for their own safety – buying this convertible seat from Casualplay ensures protection for your child on every car journey. The booster seat even extends to fit your child perfectly.

The Casualplay Multi Protector is compatible with Isofix for a secure attachment to your car as well as being very easy to install –however it can also be just as safely installed on a car without Isofix, so swapping between cars is not a problem. The Multi Protector has a high impact cushion for the comfort of your child and for good protection against any impacts from the front, rear or even the sides. It does this through innovative technology and a deformable aluminium frame that absorbs shocks to minimise the risk of injury to your child.

The Multi Protector is easy to keep clean and smart due to its removable and machine washable upholstery – perfect for all the little spills that come with a baby. Comfort for your child is also important on any car journey, especially the longer ones! So Casualplay have made the headrest and the backrest adjustable to give your child great support as well as being as comfy as possible.

Casualplay Multi Protector video: