The Jane Matrix Light 2 is a completely unique travel car seat from Jane; it offers the option of travelling with your baby in either a standard sitting up position or in a lying down position. Health officials have long recommended that the lie flat position as the best and safest position for newborns to travel in, whether that is in a car or a pushchair, however the Matrix Light 2 is the only car seat on the market to give the option of lying down or sitting up, making it a revolutionary Group 0/Group 0+ cross over car seat. The seat can then be taken out of the car and instantly used as a carrycot and the mattress material is suitable for sleeping on; this is a highly flexible travel system that lets your baby sleep through moving in and out of the car.

The Jane Matrix Light 2 is a rearward facing car seat and is suitable for newborns up to 13kg  (roughly 18 months old). The low routing system of this car seat leaves plenty of room for your baby’s feet so kicking is not restricted but the five point safety harness keeps your baby securely fastened into the Matrix Light 2.

This Jane car seat can be installed using an optional ISOFIX base if your car is compatible with that system or with a seatbelt; it can even be installed in cars with shorter seat belts so the Matrix Light 2 really is suitable for any car. There is also an innovative automatic shoulder strap height adjustment feature; just press a button and the straps will adjust to suit your child. This avoids the hassle of removing shoulder straps to refit them and avoids an uncomfortable or incorrect fit for your child.

Jane Matrix Light 2 car seat fitting video: