Find the best low prices for the Kiddy CruiserFix Pro car seat

Kiddy CruiserFix Pro car seat
The Kiddy CruiserFix Pro is a great choice for those looking for a booster seat for their child in the 15 to 36 kg weight range. As this is a Group 2 category chair, it can safely support children aged from approximately four to 12 years old. This means it can be used for many years without the need to upgrade to a more accommodating chair, saving you money and time spend shopping for a replacement.
While this chair meets all the necessary safety requirements, its most popular features are those that work together to provide its high levels of comfort. These include its lateral head rests that prevent the passenger’s head from titling to the side, without obstructing their view. There is also the shoulder padding that helps to keep the body in a correct and comfortable position. The Kiddy CruiserFix Pro also comes with an adjustable reclining function that is suitable for children weighing up to 18kg. Another nice feature that is not often seen on other car seats is the extendable leg support which can help provide extra levels of comfort for your child.
As this booster seat will be in use for many years, it is important that it is easy to clean. Thankfully the Kiddy CruiserFix Pro is fitted with a seat cover made from resilient fabric that can be easily removed for a thorough cleaning. Spare covers are also available as optional extras, helping to increase the longevity of this product.
For a comfortable ride and a high level of protection, it’s hard to beat the Kiddy CruiserFix Pro for value and features.

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