Maxi Cosi Axiss Car seat – compare prices and save money


The Maxi Cosi Axiss is a premium forward facing car seat that any responsible parent will be proud to own. However, not only does it provide excellent levels of protection and safety, which will be covered later, it also has an ingenious feature that will make you wonder how you survived without it.
That feature is the seat’s ability to rotate 90 degrees to face the open car door. This simple but effective feature makes removing your child, and placing them in the Maxi Cosi Axiss so easy you’ll wonder why all seats don’t have the ability to do this.
As this seat is suitable for children aged approximately nine months through to four years, or those with a weight between 9kg and 18kg, anything that makes it easier to get them into the forward facing car seat and back out, will be much appreciated. As your child gets close to aged four, placing them into a traditional car seat can get quite tricky, especially in cars with a lower ceiling. But not with the Maxi Cosi Axiss and its rotating abilities, now it’s simply a case of turning the seat, and effortlessly placing them into it.
While this the rotating effect is a great idea, there are many other reasons to choose the Maxi Cosi Axiss, such as its eight recline positions, a side impact protection system, removable and washable covers and its two year guarantee.
If you want a baby to toddler and beyond car seat that is of a very high quality and includes some excellent features, then this offering from Maxi Cosi should not be overlooked.

Maxi Cosi Axiss car seat instruction video: