The Maxi Cosi Rodi AirProtect  is a great choice to keep your child safe and comfortable in the car. Maxi Cosi know it’s not just tiny babies that need extra safety, protection and comfort in car journeys, but older children too – with this in mind they have designed the Rodi AirProtect car seat which is specifically designed for the safety of your child (or children) from the age of three and a half all the way up till ten years old (roughly 15 – 36kg). This car seat provides both comfort for your child and peace of mind for you – you have protected your child in the best way possible.

The Rodi AirProtect has fantastic side and head protection – using impressive technology, Maxi Cosi have managed to reduce the risk of head injury by at least 20% as the air embedded in the foam sides and headrest will minimise any unexpected impact. The seat also has good hip and body protection and the fact that the headrest can be connected to the car means the seat’s movement is restricted, making it more stable.  The Maxi Cosi Rodi AirProtect can also be reclined, not only for your child’s comfort but also to fit the angle of your vehicle in the best way possible.

The Maxi Cosi Rodi AirProtect is also a very comfortable and practical car seat. As well as the reclining option, the seat is fitted with luxurious padding and plenty of room so your child won’t feel squashed! This Maxi Cosi car seat is also very lightweight, so it’s easy to move it to other cars. Both the height and width of the seat can be adjusted to fit your child as they grow bigger; this means your child’s back and head is always supported properly as well as making this seat great value for money. This seat comes in six stylish colours and the cover can easily be removed for washing.

How to install a Maxi Cosi Rodi AirProtect car seat video: