Concord Reverso Plus i-Size Car Seat – Powder Beige

The Concord Reverso Plus i-Size Car Seat impresses thanks to its broad range of applications.

Extremely easy to handle and suitable for children from birth to a height of 105 cm. This rearward seat fulfils the new European i-Size standard and provides the highest standards of safety with minimal weight.
Thanks to the separately cushioned newborn inlay, the seat is a fully fledged cradle for ages up to three to five months. Thereafter, without the inlay, it is suitable for children up to a height of 105 cm.
The seat is easy to install, just pull back the foot plate, click into your vehicle's ISOFIX anchors and let the plate automatically get the tension right for you. Then simply adjust the support leg until you get green indicators and you're good to go!
In terms of handling, the Concord Reverso.Plus is far ahead of other rearward seats. The convenient rotating wheels allow the leg supports and, in particular, the angle of sitting or lying to be adjusted. This can even be done comfortably from the driver's seat.
As a rule, all the adjustments can be made from all sides and are marked with clear, mechanical red-green indicators, as is the Isofix mounting.
In general, the Concord Reverso.Plus represents a new generation of rearward seats. Its clear, tidy design is a visualisation of the new technology.
A circular lightweight aluminium protection frame with an internal multi-functional shell, made entirely from shock-absorbing material, offers maximum protection with minimal weight.
With the inlay for newborns inserted, the Concord Reverso.Plus weighs 10.9 kg - without the inlay it even weighs in at under 10 kg (9.9 kg).